Page 2 has helped many of customers with their promotional needs. We have built their trust and repeat business with service, experience, selection and price. Public Art projects can add pride, awareness and community interaction. Corporate, Local Service businesses and Retail stores will be eager 'Sponsors' for the Artists. The Art enrichment to the 'project area' will be an invaluable infusion of Tourism, point of purchase sales, etc. for both the short term as well as future similar events. These types of 'Parades' are proven success stories throughout the country and Local Towns should take advantage

Bronze Sculptures Wholesale Store

We hereby claim that any statue we sell is supposed to be copyright free and reproducible to that regard.  It is possible that a  'copyrighted design, ' unknown to us, may be listed on our site.  It is also possible that a design may be specifically ordered and it's origin or 'copyright ' status also might not be known or disclosed to us.  Upon receiving info., with reference, claiming we have 'inadvertently presented a 'copyrighted' item we will respond accordingly.

About us
We specialize in bronze sculptures of Frederic Remington , Children sculptures bronze children statues animals statues such  us eagle sculpture,  metal garden statues,  bronze and brass garden sculptures.